2017 CrossFit Open


Get Ready My Friends! 

As many of you know the 2017 CrossFit Games Open is upon us. We are less than 3 weeks away from the first announced open workout of the 2017 season. I’m sure some of you guys have been thinking about this time of year a lot– like every time you walk into the gym a lot. We had an amazing turn out last year and it was lots of fun and we hope to see the same again this year! Go to http://wwe.games.crossfit.com to sign up and make sure you type in Vette City CrossFit for your affiliate. That way we can all see scores on our own leaderboard.

The first workout will be announced on the games website at 7pm February 23. Keep your Friday nights open for “Friday night lights,” where we get together from 4-7ish PM and throw down on the open workouts. These won’t be typical classes, you will just show up and hop in a heat whenever you’re ready to go.

We encourage everyone to sign up and support the CrossFit community that has been so kind to us, and support our VCCF family members as we all suffer together for the next 5 weeks. Even if you don’t think you are an ‘elite athlete’ it’s still way more motivating to have your name on the leader board, you’ll find yourself pushing harder than you ever imagined!!! Just ask anyone who has done it before! Best of luck to you all!


CrossFit has evolved. Have you?


CrossFit has evolved. Have you?

I remember when 7:00 of target burpees was hard. And I got 77 and that was a decent score.That was 4 years ago. We do 7:00 of burpees now as a warm-up and 77 is no longer a good score. I’ve evolved too. I beat that score in 90 degree heat, pregnant. But as the sport has attracted more and more elite athletes, I can’t help but feel like I’ve fallen behind.

Some of us were leery of competing in The Open this year. Some of us may not have even tried or entered, others saw their scores soar week after week. Me? Whew. It blew holes in my training. It exposed my weaknesses, which seem to multiply by the day. It was humiliating at times. It was rewarding at others. It was fun. It was not fun. I laughed. And wanted to cry. Mostly, I’m really glad it’s almost over. I have work to do. The new standards on the hand stand push ups were enough to kill me. Just ask my judge Tom Dolan. We’re still not speaking. Kidding. And what muscle ups? I don’t have them. Would I rather work on getting a 200# back squat, legless rope climbs and 100 ft hand stand walk? Yup. Because those things are all fun for me to work on. I enjoy the movements and they will come quickly. The aforementioned movements will take hours of working on progressions and hundreds of failed attempts.

With failed attempts comes the reminder to make good decisions. Every. Single. Day. Make good food choices. Prep meals religiously. Workout. Follow a program. Do progressions. Do work. Every day.

I’m evolving. Are you?