Recover to Live Better

Why should you focus more on your recovery?

Serious athletes in all major sports can’t leave any stone left unturned. Pro football players sleep in oxygen deprived tents to improve their bodies healing ability, they get weekly and sometimes daily massages, they have personal chefs and a surplus of people in their corner to help them heal and recover. CrossFit athletes on the other hand don’t have that kind of money. But all CrossFit athletes that compete in the CrossFit games take their recovery very, very seriously.

One of my favorite sayings is “there’s no such thing as over training, just under recovering.” So how does this apply to the regular gym goer? Well, we all have a goal right? Even if you don’t consciously acknowledge it, you have something you’re shooting for; bigger arms, smaller waist, more vitality, stronger legs and back, we all have something. If your body is 40% recovered everyday when you’re in the gym, you’re only getting that much better. Now, you don’t have to do ALL the things serious athletes do, but incorporating just a couple can have enormous benefits to your health and wellness.

Here are some things you can do for recovery, give one a try for 2 weeks, if you notice a difference and wanna stuck with it then do, then try adding another one. Be vocal with us about how it’s going for you!

Food (in my opinion, the most important):

-Rians fatted calf- quality meet, some veggies, potatoes and lots of spices and sauces.

-We have nutrition coaches and meal prep options at VCCF just ask your coach for more details.


calm  (guided meditation, sleep stories, breathing)

headspace (guided meditation app), or use any guided meditation on youtube.

5 minute journal (positive way to start your day)

box breathing and tactical breathing technique guided by Mark Divine

Wim Hof breathing technique 


-Advocare- Chelsea Bush and Jacob DeRossett can tell you more about these supplements

Onnit – (I use and really like their immune support)

Natural Calm – Magnesium supplement for sleep and relaxation, you can also find it at vitamin shop.

Mobility and Flexibility

Mobility WOD (subscribe and do the short “MOB” everyday)

ROMWOD (relaxing yoga, daily programing that will improve your flexibility)

Mobility WOD youtube channel, probably the best resource on the entire internet for healing your athletic injuries that WILL HAPPEN!

Rouge fitness (great place to buy mobility equipment)

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