We all have them, and we all don’t want them. 

I truly hate to say it, but we will all more than likely get injured at some point while participating in CrossFit, even if that’s having a slight ache in your shoulder, it’s probably affected all of us. The good news is there are a lot of steps that can be taken to avoid injuries and little aches and pains that come as a result of pushing yourself.

Self help

Trust that your coaches are hearing your concerns and are doing our part to make sure these injuries are corrected and will get better. In the mean time are many great resources out there as far as prevention and rehabilitation that can be done at home.

  • Mobility wod – This site can be paid for or you can check it out on youtube, he has a library of over 300 videos that will more than likely cure whatever hurts ya.
  • Romwod – accountability is super important, have a daily flexibility routine can do wonders for preventing injury and creating positive habits in your life.
  • Youtube – There are millions of videos on how to pre/rehab injuries and also how to perform the movements you do everyday in CrossFit better, taking a little time to look up the movements in the wod for tomorrow can provide huge gains in a relatively short time.

Obviously there are many other resources out there, these are just a couple to get you started and they’ve been proven to be effective, so check them out and give us some feedback.

Professional help 

Not all injuries can be fixed with a foam roller and a yoga mat, especially if you have a history of problems. Here are some names of some professionals we know and trust. Basic maintenance is important, if you’re not the kind of person to stretch and rollout on your own, or you have some more serious issues, check out these folks and tell them we sent you.

Bruce White – Chiropractic (270) 782-5400

Dr. Nick Starnes – Chiropractic (270) 834-8922  [Glasgow]

Dr. Preston Wakefield – Chiropractic (615) 383-0969 [Nashville]

Dr. Howerton – Acupuncture and overall health (270) 904-5120

Nathan Johnson – Physical Therapy – Bluegrass active release therapy

(270) 796-6800

Mark Cline – Massage – Suite zen

(270) 745-9399


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