New Things!

First off, you guys are awesome!
Congrats on a successful CrossFit Games Open! The last 5 weeks have been tough but we stuck together and pushed harder than we ever imagined. In the end we got so much more out of the experience than just competing.

New Stuff
The open gives us the feedback we need on how to tweak programming to help you reach your fitness goals. The “skill warm up, strength, skill” will all be consistent for a month, then we will revamp, log our results and move on to the next month.

Warm Ups
Our barbell warm ups are programmed with the majority needs in mind. We will spend time getting comfortable in the bottom of our squats, practicing different ‘launch’ positions for the Olympic lifts and developing confidence pulling underneath the barbell in the snatch. Our gymnastics skills are focused on keeping our shoulders healthy and getting more comfortable holding your body weight on a different apparatus.

Let the soreness begin! We will be squatting 3 days a week during strength. Squat strength is not a major weakness for our community, but if your squat improves, so does everything else. Focus on getting comfortable in the bottom and standing up fast on every rep of every set. Monday we started our first set of a 4 week cycle using a drop set. We do this to enable us to lift heavy for at least one set and still get some strength volume in at the lighter weights. Wednesdays will be very rough, 4×8 is no joke, this is mental toughness day for realz. Friday is just more time working the squat and getting better at one of our biggest barbell weaknesses, the jerk. We must work on a solid foot position as well as fast feet and elbows.

Didn’t do gymnastics as a kid? No problem, we got you. Gymnastics are a major weakness for the majority of us. So in an effort to improve this, we will be adding in two gymnastics sessions a week. During this time we will be doing ‘weird’ stuff that may feel boring or unnecessary but trust the process! Teaching our bodies what proper positions should feel like is the foundation we are missing in our movements.

Extra Work
We have sprinkled in lifting for those of you who want to focus more on developing strength. Also, ALL THE ABS! Mondays and Fridays there are some sick abdominal complexes, because, well, pool season. Tuesday and Thursdays will ONLY be stretching days, if you think you don’t need to stretch then go ahead and argue with me as to why you don’t need to, and you won’t win. I know you need to stretch, you know you need to, so do it. It says EXTRA WORK because the majority of the time we will not have time to do this in class, however, I’m sure any coach will walk you through the exercises at the end if you want. KEEP IN MIND this lifting is lots of volume on the legs and lower back, if your body is not adjusting to the volume well or if you’ve only been coming for one week, then don’t over do it! Talk a walk after the wod, clean your stuff up do the ab work, say goodbye to everyone and head out, it’s all good around here!

Thank you!
For coming in every day and putting in work and making better choices in life for your health. Thank you for being apart of our wonderful community! If you have questions please ask, if you have suggestions please let us know and we will do everything we can to get better for YOU!


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