Surviving Smolov

Does anyone else feel like they need a t-shirt that says “I survived Smolov?”

I wanted to get this post out before we tested our 1RM.

We should all feel victorious. It’s not often we squat with near-max loads on our backs … 8 or 10 times. It truly was awful at times. I paid special attention to what I was telling myself each time I approached the bar …

“I’ve got this.”

“Just 4 more sets …”


“Trust your legs.”

I squatted at home for the third week of 8×4. Looking back it was really funny. My dear sweet husband took both kids down to the basement to ‘watch tv while mommy squats.’ While I was huffing and puffing away, I hear my 3.5 year old casting a spell on a lone seven dwarf our 5-month old had been chewing on. But the real kicker came during my first set of squats when Kyle said “you aren’t going to make 8 sets at that weight.”

Excuse me sir? That’s not what you tell somebody about to do 80% of her 1 rm plus 10 pounds. I secretly prayed for Hudson to cast a spell on him.

Oh wait. It gets better. My fourth round is over and my husband calls from the next room “you sound like you’re going to the bathroom.” “Ignore him,” I tell myself.

On my second to last set he comes into the room and asks: “are you sure this is this safe to do by yourself?”

SO. If anyone wants to squat with my husband next time, please do so, but don’t expect him to cheer you on. I’m not sure if he was testing my mental fortitude but if he was, I’d say what I was chanting to myself worked.

“Trust your legs”

“You’ve got this.”


Ready to test our back squats? Good job VCCF. Lets put some PR’s on the board!

Oh. And here is my last set … yes I have Bambi legs but I DO push them out each and every time. It’s too bad I didn’t get Kyle’s comments on video. Or my reaction. =)

Happy squatting!


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