Technique Class with Bob!


Some of us really enjoy technique work. We understand wrong foot placement and hand placement could be the difference in speed or transferring more weight overhead. We enjoy drills with the PVC pipe. Yea, the PVC pipe.

Enter Coach Bob Sanborn, often referred to as The Kettlebell Nazzi. He knows his stuff and we’re so excited to announce his new technique/Oly lifting class Tuesday nights starting May 5th at 7pm. 

Bob designed the class to start with the Spencer Arnold warm up and the Burgener warm up to prep us for snatches and proper positioning for all three pulls of the lift. This is tedious work will require patience. Your hard work will pay off.

Bob also has programmed slow motioned positions to understand why we pull from where we pull and he will talk us through it using the Spencer Arnold Warm up.

Lastly, and I’m just hi lighting a few of the major movements and drills we will be doing, squats, squats, squats!!!! Have you had a coach tell you to go as low as you can go? Have you had a coach stop you and tell you only to go below parallel? Neither are wrong, it just depends on your goals. Bob can explain and show you ways to get lower if you are willing to work for it.

We’re growing and thanks to YOU we are able to offer specialty classes like this. Thanks Bob and thanks for coming. See you Tuesdays at 7pm!


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