Fat Loss Mocha


It’s key in eating healthy. Most of the time I have an entire refrigerator stocked with already made meals prepped in serving sizes. #crazy

But there are times I have a bunch of raw food in my fridge waiting to be prepped and I have to scrounge at the last minute to get my meals made. #scatterbrain

Sometimes my children have their baths and clothes picked out for the next day all the way down to socks and shoes. #organized

But mostly they don’t. And I kick myself for being unprepared every-single-time. #Iadmitit

And let’s not discuss how I forgot my husbands’ birthday last year. #oops And how old he turned. #always30right?

You know what I’m always prepared for? The gym.

I have a bag in my trunk with my Rx jump rope, Reebok lifters, weightlifting belt, journal, Rock Tape, hand tape, gloves, long socks, ear warmers and almonds. Always food.

See, I’m not always prepared for life but I understand the importance of taking care of myself at the gym and my nutrition afterwards. I’ve learned over the last few years preparation is as important as getting my butt into the gym.

Lately I’ve been counting my macros on myfitnesspal. It has opened my eyes to how much fat I eat on the Paleo diet. Do not get me wrong here. You have to eat fat and I mean full fat like coconut oil, avocado, nut butters and grass fed butters! You need them to keep your brain working properly. However I just read an article that says to keep the grass fed butter and coconut oil to 1/3 of your fat intake for the day. (gasp!)

Here: figure how much protein you are supposed to eat (.8g per pound of bodyweight) and then add in your carbs (1.0g or lower in instances per pound of bodyweight) and then factor in your fats (.4 per pound of bodyweight) for me, it’s not as much fat as I thought I should be eating. So I’m trying to slow it down. Here’s the breakdown:

147# x .8g = 117 g protein

147# x .1g=147 g carb

147# x .4g=58 g fat

Yes I have a scale. Yes I put everything on it. Yes it’s annoying. No I do not enjoy it. But I want results in the gym and I’m talking about my strength numbers moving up. If you do too, eat for performance. Calculate your macros and stay within those numbers or play with them little by little until you see results.

Here’s a great way to get your morning started! Yes there’s coconut oil in it, so 1 TBSP would equal 14 fat grams for the day—that’s almost 1/3 of my saturated fat intake for the day. So, if I have this in the morning, I’ll keep my fat to avocado and nut/nut butters for the rest of the day.

This is yummy.You will thank me. Your coworkers won’t. #peanutbutterbreath

Fat Loss Mocha

1 Cup Coffee

1/2 cup vanilla almond milk

pinch stevia

1 HEAPING Tbsp of coconut oil

and peanut butter

1 scoop vanilla protein