Your 6-pack starts in the kitchen

My second year participating in the LuRong Paleo Challenge has gone by and I’ll have to say, I do way worse eating when there’s pressure to be in a competition. I do not like something or somebody telling me what I can and can’t eat. I’m usually pretty darn good at the paleo lifestyle. Enough about me, we had some really successful participants from our gym!!!! Even though scores are still being tallied by LuRong (really?! Yes.) we pretty much know who accrued the most points. We are looking forward to giving out a prize from VCC and prizes from LuRong. Thanks for participating everyone! Hopefully we can announce the “official” winners soon!!!!!!!!

I asked a few questions on the Facebook paleo page the other day about what made you successful (or not) and thank you to Troy and Hope for responding. Planning is the key to paleo eating.  Sometimes it’s an overwhelming amount of food and preparation on Sundays but by mid-week it is a life saver. I prep twice a week (Sundays and Wednesdays) and that works for me, you have to figure out what works for your schedule. Make your meals or at least get them prepped ahead of time and always make sure there’s a meal ready to eat in the refrigerator.  Thanks to Gina for providing meals for people who don’t have the time to cook.

Great job everyone for succeeding in this food and lifestyle journey! Lets make it bigger and better next year!


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