Overcoming Obstacles

Let’s talk about the quote we love for the new motto at VCCF.

Anything worth doing in life

We decided to add “Moderation is not accepted.” 

It sounds kinda harsh, right? Like, we’re the scariest gym around.


If you think about CrossFit as a lifestyle you will begin to understand why people literally program their lives around it. It’s not just about six packs and big biceps. It’s about recording and celebrating your gains, eating a well balanced diet to fuel your lifestyle as well as your performance in the gym and being in good enough shape to chase your children around the yard (and enjoy it!)

Sometimes, life can happen and you get injured, or stuck at work on a project for months at a time, or have to take care of an ailing family member and suddenly have no time to come to the gym. Although I cringe at all of these examples, I have been there. For an entire year. And it sucked.

Overcoming obstacles in life is part of not accepting moderation. It’s not good enough to us to fall behind on your workouts and let yourself trail away from a healthy lifestyle. Letting yourself go as a sacrifice to others or circumstances is not a good excuse. You are important. You deserve to be healthy. You don’t deserve moderation.

Although it sounds counter-productive, make (even more) sacrifices:

* GO to the gym. Even if you have to wake up super early and don’t have time to shower. They make dry shampoo and personal cleansing cloths these days. We won’t judge. Shower later.

* Ask for help on mobility, a good physical therapist, a good mental health doctor or whatever you need. ASK.

* Work on yourself. Whether it’s your injury or a personal issue, stay up late for 20 minutes to stretch or write in a journal.

* Wake up and do it all over again. Be relentless. If you do these things you will get out of your “funk,” you will succeed in getting over an injury, you will rise above the personal strife in your life.

You are not your injury. You are not your divorce. You are not a number on the scale. You choose who you are. Every day. You make choices to reflect who you want to be. And if you have been satisfied with moderation for too long, start pushing yourself harder and see what surfaces. Better yet, step foot in our gym. We’ll teach you, guide you and help you reach your goals.

Moderation is not accepted… in the gym, at home, in your marriage, in your faith, with your children, in life. We promise to lead by example.

You like the new motto? Good because we’ll all be wearing it soon. 🙂


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