Breakfast Crepe or Pancake


Can I preface this post? Okay … this is not a fancy meal. Sure I make plenty of those and you will be reading about them, but let’s be honest here, breakfast is rarely fancy especially after a 5:30am workout. This is simply a means to get high quality protein in my system along with equal amounts of fat and carbohydrate.

Second, because I’m prefacing, if you have eaten Paleo at all you know to drop your expectations of what “usual food” looks and tastes like. This is the closest to a pancake I have come in a ton of recipe testing (although I recently found one for a no flip pancake and I’ll post that if you’re interested!) So, if it tastes a bit banana-ish or is slightly more moist than a regular gluten-laden pancake, well that’s because it’s made with real food. =) Just try it, you may like it.

Lastly, prefacing again, I know!  You gotta play with this recipe ratio to make it right for you. Once you get it right, don’t change a thing. Trust me. You may want a little more egg or a little more fat. For me, this works so my ratio/recipe below is good.

What you need:

A blender

1 egg (preferably free range)

1/2 a banana (preferably pretty ripe or frozen works)

2 heaping tablespoons of a fat (preferably almond butter or coconut butter although peanut butter is pure awesomeness I’m just trying to get off of it.) *coconut butter is not the same thing as coconut oil*

Olive oil spray or coconut oil to grease your pan. Grass fed butter works even better.

Combine everything into blender and blend until smooth. Oil up your pan with fat of choice. Pour the entire contents of blender into hot pan and wait 2-3 minutes maybe longer on medium heat. If it looks like it’s ready to be flipped, it probably is. If you’re like me it doesn’t have to be pretty. Use a large spatula, sometimes two helps and flip. You can fill with berries, more fat or even breakfast sausage for added protein.


A note about the banana: lately we haven’t had bananas because I have baby brain and forget things even on my grocery list. So I’ve resorted to eating this as a fat to protein ratio of one to one (1 egg, 1 heaping tbsp of fat) it works out pretty well as you can see from pic below but the consistency is more fritatta-ish instead of pancake or crepe-ish. It gets the job done.

“Counting calories becomes unnecessary when your food doesn’t have labels.” 



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