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What makes you put your workout clothes on and drive to the gym on days you would rather not?  What makes you go to the gym on a major body weight movement day when you know it’s your weakness? Or a day there’s 200 double unders posted and you have yet to get one. That’s what I’m talking about. What makes you tick.

What would happen to your motivation if you let working out change your body image? As a CrossFitter you’re likely to run your very first mile or begin chasing a lesser time than you have ever run before.  You might do box jumps for the first time or jump on one 46 inches high for a personal record.  You might lift a barbell over your head with plates on either side and scream with delight. What if you let those instances change the way you view your body?  What if you let your focus shift to setting goals on reps during a wod, weight on the bar and skills instead of limiting food consumption and trying on a pair of jeans you wore years ago.  What if instead of comparing your body weight with your friends’ that constantly brag about how little they are, you think in your head:  b***h I could bench press your body weight, and I’m working on benching mine!  And you laugh because thanks to CrossFit, gone are the days of staring at the scale each morning. You have morphed into an athlete in your own terms who eats to perform in the gym according to your own goals. Something even more strange may happen. You begin to thank your body, you know, the one you hated, for being strong enough to push you through a hard workout. It’s the body that allows you to squat with the barbell overhead, in a lift set aside too long for just professional athletes. How rewarding.

So, now that we’re looking at our bodies in a different way, lets visualize doing a pull up for the first time, or let’s remenisce about your first chin-over-the-bar experience. Muscle up? Body weight dead lift? I bet you celebrated your success that day, posted a video on Facebook, tweeted a selfie. Whatever. But I bet what you did NOT do is jump on the scale to see if doing pull ups for the first time made you lose weight. In fact, you may have even reached for a tighter shirt in hopes of showing off your new biceps. You also showed everyone you know the bloody callouses on your hands caused by weeks of putting in work. Blisters like that give you bragging rights for getting through a physical and mental fight between gravity and the pull up bar.  High Five! (eww, maybe later.)

high five

Let’s do this. Let’s change the way we view our bodies and more importantly, change the negative thoughts that shift our focus away from progressing as athletes. We have discussed in previous posts (here and here) why getting better as athletes changes us for the better, now change your motives. If you need to lose weight, take some time to think about how you want to progress in the gym. Start programming your eating and work out schedule to reflect your goal. But don’t let your weight be your lone goal and reason for working out. You don’t want to miss out on the mind transformation that could take place when you search within and go for the goals you are entirely capable of… then watch your body transform into the machine you’ve been dreaming about.

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Traveling as a CrossFitter

Vacations are so good for our minds and body but it’s hard to get back on schedule once you come home. Here’s a list of travel wods because let’s face it, you can squat anywhere. You can do walking lunges anywhere, push ups, sit ups, sprints, yeah you can do those too. 😉

Travel Wods

Travel Wod App ($1.99)   

Eating out can also get you off track, making you feel sluggish (and guilty). Go, have fun, eat your favorite dessert but maybe don’t do it every night. If you want to stay somewhat on track here are some tips on how to do it.

* Plan your meals – aim for at least 2 clean meals a day, that means your first stop is grocery shopping before hitting the beach or pool

* Eat before going to dinner, a boiled egg and an apple will keep you from reaching for bread and fried appetizers

* Work out in the morning, you’ll be more likely to eat a good breakfast

* Pack your lunch. Everywhere. (You’re packing a cooler for the beach anyway, right?)

* Make your friends do a quick beach wod with you, sand sprints anyone?

* Smoothies are your best friend, don’t forget to pack your protein powder before you leave town

* Have a game plan of what you will order before arriving at the restaurant, you won’t be tempted as much by all the other food on the menu when you have made a conscious decision on a full belly early in the day

* Invest in a backpack cooler or a small travel cooler like this ( I have that one and I take it everywhere I go) this or this.

Last, here’s four store-bought-in-a-package-paleo-friendly-snack-atttack foods that will keep you on track.

Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie packs (Kroger, Wal Mart etc.)

Good Sense Plantain Chips (Not sure if these are at Whole Foods in Nashville) Trader Joe’s has some too

Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips (NOT the tortilla chips) these are hard to find, you can get them online too.

Perfect Bars (Whole Foods)

If you have a tip you think should be added please comment on facebook or below, would love to hear your thoughts!

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Breakfast Crepe or Pancake


Can I preface this post? Okay … this is not a fancy meal. Sure I make plenty of those and you will be reading about them, but let’s be honest here, breakfast is rarely fancy especially after a 5:30am workout. This is simply a means to get high quality protein in my system along with equal amounts of fat and carbohydrate.

Second, because I’m prefacing, if you have eaten Paleo at all you know to drop your expectations of what “usual food” looks and tastes like. This is the closest to a pancake I have come in a ton of recipe testing (although I recently found one for a no flip pancake and I’ll post that if you’re interested!) So, if it tastes a bit banana-ish or is slightly more moist than a regular gluten-laden pancake, well that’s because it’s made with real food. =) Just try it, you may like it.

Lastly, prefacing again, I know!  You gotta play with this recipe ratio to make it right for you. Once you get it right, don’t change a thing. Trust me. You may want a little more egg or a little more fat. For me, this works so my ratio/recipe below is good.

What you need:

A blender

1 egg (preferably free range)

1/2 a banana (preferably pretty ripe or frozen works)

2 heaping tablespoons of a fat (preferably almond butter or coconut butter although peanut butter is pure awesomeness I’m just trying to get off of it.) *coconut butter is not the same thing as coconut oil*

Olive oil spray or coconut oil to grease your pan. Grass fed butter works even better.

Combine everything into blender and blend until smooth. Oil up your pan with fat of choice. Pour the entire contents of blender into hot pan and wait 2-3 minutes maybe longer on medium heat. If it looks like it’s ready to be flipped, it probably is. If you’re like me it doesn’t have to be pretty. Use a large spatula, sometimes two helps and flip. You can fill with berries, more fat or even breakfast sausage for added protein.


A note about the banana: lately we haven’t had bananas because I have baby brain and forget things even on my grocery list. So I’ve resorted to eating this as a fat to protein ratio of one to one (1 egg, 1 heaping tbsp of fat) it works out pretty well as you can see from pic below but the consistency is more fritatta-ish instead of pancake or crepe-ish. It gets the job done.

“Counting calories becomes unnecessary when your food doesn’t have labels.”