Be coachable

Your workout is about you. We already established in the last post the importance of PR’s. After reading, you ran to the store to buy the thickest Five Star notebook you could find to start recording your wod results, right?

First,  “Stay in your own lane.”

Stay in your own lane 1 stay in your own lane 2 Stay in your own lane 3


It is very easy to start comparing your scores and weights with others. And while that’s loads of fun it also starts to make it less about you and more about others. CrossFit is about being the best version of your fittest self.  To be just that, you have to set your own goals, have your own standards and have the willingness to learn, try different approaches and be humble. There are many professional CrossFit athletes (example 1, example 2) that never look at the Leaderboard during competition. Can you imagine working out next to someone in a competition and having no idea if you need to beat them in order to win? It’s pretty cool to think winning comes secondary to focus and performance.

Onto this list, I asked all the coaches for input on how they suggest being more coachable, and if you want to be good at CrossFit (ahem, by your own standards, of course) being coachable is the best way to get ahead of your old self. 🙂

*Be accountable to yourself. Write your workouts down, be consistent and have a good time.

*Leave the ego at the door.

* Listen first, ask second.

*Listen to your body.

*Come in together. Get in tight when your coach is talking about the workout. It takes time away from you and others when they have to explain it more than once.

*Show up early, ask questions, stay late.

*Always (respectfully) question authority.  Good coaches/leaders need to accept these questions and be prepared to have good answers. This is how trust and respect is developed between good coaches and great athletes.

*Give it all you’ve got.

*Never say you can’t.

*You are only human. You’ll have good days and bad days. Accept it and enjoy the trip.

* Be open minded

*Drills-Drills-Drills! (Do them! Do them! Do them!)

* Be patient. There are 9 foundational movements, it will take time to learn all of them.

Here’s an excellent article from well-known coaches on their experience with coaching athletes and what characteristics the truly great ones have in common.


If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success. – John D. Rockefeller




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