Rope Climbers!

Congrats to Troy Brown, Jennifer Wheet, James Harris, Isaac Ford and Jen Moore for getting their first rope climbs today in the 5:30am class!!!  They climbed all the way to the top and tapped the wooden beam, the universal making-of-a-rep action in CrossFit. Great job! Now go get some long socks to cover those rope burns!!!

Rope Climb Socks

I love how CrossFit brings out my inner 5th grader. Who doesn’t want to be a kid again? And do kid-like things?  From sprinting against the boys on the playground, to hand stand walks to yes, a little gymnastics move called rope climbs that everyone seems to hate, I love being able to do it alongside anyone willing and ready. My children will grow up in a household where Mommy is not afraid to look like a fool trying something new. I know most of you are with me and that’s why I love this community. If you’re still a little apprehensive about getting up the rope or who is looking up your shorts, get over it. Everyone in the gym just wants you to touch the beam and scream “I did it!” If you stick to assisted rope climbs forever, you’ll never know the feeling of being able to pull your body weight 15 feet above the ground.  Remember: Nothing changes if nothing changes 😉

Go buy some softball socks, double them up on your strong leg and you won’t get burned. Or you can use athletic tape over your socks for added protection. Joe Howard uses calf guards he bought for really cheap at Dick’s. Rope burns hurt, so get some gear and bring it with you every day.

Rope climbs are a great upper body workout.  If you can hold yourself up into a tuck position for 5 seconds while holding onto the rope, you’re on your way to getting your first climb sooner than you thought. Here is a video from gymnastics coach Carl Paoli to watch while you’re at work … now go into the gym tonight or tomorrow, grab a coach and start your  climbs! You’ve got this! Congrats again to everyone in the 5:30am class!






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