Be coachable

Your workout is about you. We already established in the last post the importance of PR’s. After reading, you ran to the store to buy the thickest Five Star notebook you could find to start recording your wod results, right?

First,  “Stay in your own lane.”

Stay in your own lane 1 stay in your own lane 2 Stay in your own lane 3


It is very easy to start comparing your scores and weights with others. And while that’s loads of fun it also starts to make it less about you and more about others. CrossFit is about being the best version of your fittest self.  To be just that, you have to set your own goals, have your own standards and have the willingness to learn, try different approaches and be humble. There are many professional CrossFit athletes (example 1, example 2) that never look at the Leaderboard during competition. Can you imagine working out next to someone in a competition and having no idea if you need to beat them in order to win? It’s pretty cool to think winning comes secondary to focus and performance.

Onto this list, I asked all the coaches for input on how they suggest being more coachable, and if you want to be good at CrossFit (ahem, by your own standards, of course) being coachable is the best way to get ahead of your old self. 🙂

*Be accountable to yourself. Write your workouts down, be consistent and have a good time.

*Leave the ego at the door.

* Listen first, ask second.

*Listen to your body.

*Come in together. Get in tight when your coach is talking about the workout. It takes time away from you and others when they have to explain it more than once.

*Show up early, ask questions, stay late.

*Always (respectfully) question authority.  Good coaches/leaders need to accept these questions and be prepared to have good answers. This is how trust and respect is developed between good coaches and great athletes.

*Give it all you’ve got.

*Never say you can’t.

*You are only human. You’ll have good days and bad days. Accept it and enjoy the trip.

* Be open minded

*Drills-Drills-Drills! (Do them! Do them! Do them!)

* Be patient. There are 9 foundational movements, it will take time to learn all of them.

Here’s an excellent article from well-known coaches on their experience with coaching athletes and what characteristics the truly great ones have in common.


If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success. – John D. Rockefeller




What’s the big deal?

Here’s a snap shot of life: go to college, get a good job, get married, have children and hopefully enjoy yourself along the way.



Who has time for a passionate hobby in between work projects, social obligations and changing diapers? Then at “middle” age we may be slightly over weight, unsatisfied with personal goals and wondering what might have been. This is where CrossFit is changing the mentality of men and women around the world.

Now weekend warriors, stay at home moms, and businessmen and women are setting personal records on fitness. Some pretty substantial personal records I might add, dead lift 300 pounds? Yea that’s pretty beast mode. I see you strutting into work after that PR, ‘sup dude? I see you, Mom-at-the-grocery-store-with-your-small-children-hanging-on-your-leg, oh you just learned butterfly pull ups? You’re pretty much the biggest MILF ever.


All jokes aside a personal record, or PR, is so much more than bragging rights at the gym. When you work on a skill long enough to improve you become a different person. You’re definitely more confident, more positive, stronger and smarter but most of all, uncannily satisfied.  When is the last time you had that feeling? In this world there’s always an interruption challenging our time, focus and energy. And even at the gym, you may miss the time cap by one second or you come in last on a sprint. There is no doubt having goals can be frustrating. But the reward all the sweeter in this crazy life when you can walk, I mean strut, out of the gym knowing you forced your brain and body passed a hard limit. And all of this in the midst of a deadline at work, juggling schedules with your spouse and wrangling kids with one hand. It makes all the latter so much more enjoyable when you have a PR in your pocket… something you can reach for when life gets you down. But here comes the hardest part: one PR needs to lead to the next. So enjoy it for the moment, and keep the momentum. The feeling of achievement is addicting and that’s okay. It’s also contagious so while you’re celebrating your successes, you are also making sure your workout partners are achieving their goals too. That is what makes a true CrossFitter.

Do you write down your wod times and weights in a book and keep track of your progress? It’s not only about taking your fitness to the next level, but you owe it to yourself to see your achievement on paper. It’s a huge motivator to see you are able to lift 5 more pounds. Remember: What we measure improves. 

– Get it in writing

– Express it in a positive way

– Tell someone

– Work, Work, Work!

Here’s a link from someone I admire greatly. If you don’t have a subscription to The CrossFit Journal, get one, it’s free.





Rope Climbers!

Congrats to Troy Brown, Jennifer Wheet, James Harris, Isaac Ford and Jen Moore for getting their first rope climbs today in the 5:30am class!!!  They climbed all the way to the top and tapped the wooden beam, the universal making-of-a-rep action in CrossFit. Great job! Now go get some long socks to cover those rope burns!!!

Rope Climb Socks

I love how CrossFit brings out my inner 5th grader. Who doesn’t want to be a kid again? And do kid-like things?  From sprinting against the boys on the playground, to hand stand walks to yes, a little gymnastics move called rope climbs that everyone seems to hate, I love being able to do it alongside anyone willing and ready. My children will grow up in a household where Mommy is not afraid to look like a fool trying something new. I know most of you are with me and that’s why I love this community. If you’re still a little apprehensive about getting up the rope or who is looking up your shorts, get over it. Everyone in the gym just wants you to touch the beam and scream “I did it!” If you stick to assisted rope climbs forever, you’ll never know the feeling of being able to pull your body weight 15 feet above the ground.  Remember: Nothing changes if nothing changes 😉

Go buy some softball socks, double them up on your strong leg and you won’t get burned. Or you can use athletic tape over your socks for added protection. Joe Howard uses calf guards he bought for really cheap at Dick’s. Rope burns hurt, so get some gear and bring it with you every day.

Rope climbs are a great upper body workout.  If you can hold yourself up into a tuck position for 5 seconds while holding onto the rope, you’re on your way to getting your first climb sooner than you thought. Here is a video from gymnastics coach Carl Paoli to watch while you’re at work … now go into the gym tonight or tomorrow, grab a coach and start your  climbs! You’ve got this! Congrats again to everyone in the 5:30am class!